[OT] Gumstix Hobby Project

AJ ONeal coolaj86 at gmail.com
Wed Dec 22 08:59:02 MST 2010

One of the projects I'm working with has a lot of open source components is
a media server.

I plan to market it, but I'd like to find a way to make a fun group project
out of it.
i.e. one of the things that I want is that if you plug in an ipod or camera
it slurps the data automatically.

I do consulting, which is what brought me into the gumstix circle, but I'm
pretty excited about it in general.
Check out the utah-embedded list too

AJ ONeal

On Tue, Dec 21, 2010 at 10:54 AM, Brad Midgley <bmidgley at gmail.com> wrote:

> AJ,
> > I'm looking for a list of other settings sysctl and otherwise - that will
> > prevent me from banging my head against the wall.
> It's interesting to see you on the gumstix list. Are you working on a
> hobby project? It would be fun to do a group project.
> It is sad that gumstix doesn't have more tuning out of the box. Which
> install do you use? Power management is another thing that is left up
> to the user.
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> Brad Midgley
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