Gitting Backwards

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> > 
> > <rant>This is one reason I have come to hate git. If the user isn't
> > creating a branch, then don't use the branch creation syntax to do
> > it. Use the branch creation syntax, and people who aren't git gurus
> > (most of the world) will make the forgivable mistake of thinking
> > they've created a branch. git has become the Kabbalah of
> > CVSs.</rant>  
> But "git checkout ..." is not a branch creating syntax... Only with
> the -b switch does it create a branch. Which was very much my point.
> When you checkout a commit you're not branching, you're checking out.
> A _typical_ checkout _selects_ a branch, true (and with -b creates
> it), perhaps this is the source of the confusion.

Quite right. I sit corrected.

> Which is why I like to preemptively mitigate any such arguably
> semantic errors in gitdom. They may be semantic, but when the
> paradigm becomes clearer, understanding progresses in leaps and
> bounds.

Also quite right. Clear language helps understanding, which was
the (arguably obtuse) point of my Kabbalah comment. Please go for it.


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