Linode VPS: $100 Credits

Matthew Walker mwalker at
Fri Dec 17 08:23:49 MST 2010

The first 1000 signups at Linode today get $100 credit applied immediately to their
accounts. They're a great VPS host, and I've greatly enjoyed hosting some of my projects
with them, so if you're looking for a good VPS, you should check this out. $100 is 5
months of hosting for their smallest node, with the following specs:

512 MB RAM
16 GB Drive space
200 GB Network Transfer

You get a 4 processor instance, running at (in my case at least) 2.27 GHz per core. They
don't oversell their boxes, and they've got GREAT tools for managing your nodes. I
highly recommend them.

If you're interested, here's my referral link. I'd appreciate it if you signed up
through it, so I get a little bonus out of their giveaway too. I get $20 credit after
your account has been active for 3 months.

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