Streamlining RSS subscriptions and previews for Google Reader

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Mon Dec 13 08:40:32 MST 2010

<quote name="Scott Edwards" date="Sun, 12 Dec 2010 at 15:00 -0600">
> I've lost count how many feeds I have in Google Reader.  That's
> probably a good thing for me, because now I can skim headlines of
> feeds instead of wading through ad ridden sites and page delays for
> content I'm interested in.  That, and Google takes care of the feed
> indexing 24x7.
> There is one niche I'd like to optimize, the subscription process.
> I'd like to preview the feed in Google Reader, right into:
> Normally I have to click the RSS icon in the address bar, select a
> feed I want, then click add to Google Reader.  Problem is, after I
> preview how the feed is composed, now it's apparent to me if I really
> want to keep it or not.  Many unsubscribe requests occur here.  Not
> that optimal.  If after clicking the rss icon in the address bar, and
> clicking the feed, I was brought to the url I've shown above, I'd be
> much happier.  I could preview the feed at will, and subscribe if I
> knew it was worth a future look.  Some sites have dozens of feeds
> depending on how granular they want to be with content.  For example,
> has more feeds than I know what to do with.
> I was pondering a bookmarklet when the "Add to Google Reader" button
> shows up, but I'm hoping there's a better way.
> Thanks,

Hmm, I was thinking maybe a bookmarklet you could activate from the page
itself, which would simply pull the alt ref out of the DOM, but that
doesn't help you much with multiple feeds on a page...
Von Fugal
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