Streamlining RSS subscriptions and previews for Google Reader

Scott Edwards supadupa at
Sun Dec 12 14:00:45 MST 2010

I've lost count how many feeds I have in Google Reader.  That's
probably a good thing for me, because now I can skim headlines of
feeds instead of wading through ad ridden sites and page delays for
content I'm interested in.  That, and Google takes care of the feed
indexing 24x7.

There is one niche I'd like to optimize, the subscription process.
I'd like to preview the feed in Google Reader, right into:

Normally I have to click the RSS icon in the address bar, select a
feed I want, then click add to Google Reader.  Problem is, after I
preview how the feed is composed, now it's apparent to me if I really
want to keep it or not.  Many unsubscribe requests occur here.  Not
that optimal.  If after clicking the rss icon in the address bar, and
clicking the feed, I was brought to the url I've shown above, I'd be
much happier.  I could preview the feed at will, and subscribe if I
knew it was worth a future look.  Some sites have dozens of feeds
depending on how granular they want to be with content.  For example, has more feeds than I know what to do with.

I was pondering a bookmarklet when the "Add to Google Reader" button
shows up, but I'm hoping there's a better way.



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