echo -e '\a' fails on Ubuntu 10.10

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Mon Dec 6 09:48:08 MST 2010

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> On Mon, 6 Dec 2010 08:46:19 -0700
> Von Fugal <von at> wrote:
> > Are you sure there's nothing in alsa? Both my laptops have a "Beep"
> > slider in alsamixer, all the way to the right side. It likes to be all
> > the way down by default, and fedora likes to reset all my sound junk
> > to default all the time, highly annoying... I'd rather have your
> > ubuntu problem and solve it once, than have fedora reset things for
> > me all the time! (My other laptop is ubuntu)
> Thanks. I just checked again, and even hit F5 (all) before doing so. No
> luck. Alsa bug?

Alsa does work at the hardware/kernel level, correct (although it can
now do software mixing before the hardware). If it doesn't show a Beep
slider, then that's because your hardware doesn't support a "hardware
beep" whatever that means. That should not mean that your terminals
can't beep (obviously, as your VT does beep). I have seen where there is
no beep slider, and then there is one after insmod pcspkr, fwiw. 

As alsa does mixing now, it renders any and all sound services defunct
for 99% of all installations. The only reason now to have a sound
service is to do network sound stuff, and even then it should NOT be
concerned about mixing, it should let alsa do that. "Alas" (hehe) not
any distro I know of accepts this paradigm. They are all still quite
enamored with pulse and esound and the like. :(
Von Fugal
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