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On Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 8:00 AM, Charles Curley
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> Very interesting, indeed. I note that the author also graduated in
> history, specialising in history of science. Perhaps specialists are too
> specialised?
> This reminds me of the Michael Bellesiles scandal.
> I
> happened to have a ring-side seat to the debunking of Bellesiles. I
> noted at the time that not one of the people involved in the debunking
> effort was a professional, academic historian. Cramer is an amateur
> historian and subsequent to the debunking effort earned a masters in
> history but continues to earn his living as a software engineer.
> Perhaps those folks with cross-discipline educations have a perspective
> that helps them avoid the herd mentality?

I find it a very similar tale reading through Miles Mathis works on
physics and the state of the current physics community.
He's an artist w/a degree in philosophy--coming at it sideways.

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