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Sorry if this is more detail than anyone wants. I come from a database and web background so I have pretty strong opinions on this. I actually am employed supporting MarkLogic for the Church. I normally only go with open source software for any project but nothing compares to MarkLogic for speed, supportability etc...  There is a "community" license available to try it out or use it for small not profits. Apache group uses it for their searchable mail archive.  The only strange thing (and this is for speed I think) is that it has a built in web server. So it is a document server, searchable database, application server and xml data store (with full support for xpath and xquery) all wrapped up in one. I think traditional relational dbs will always be important, but for huge document data stores, XML is the future. Although JSON (which MarkLogic supports) does show some promise and may be the large textual data set storage format of the future or at least the text data exchange format of the future with document exchange still done in XML since browsers support XML and JSON will probably never provide any display capabilities. 
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Wade, why are you considering XML? Or are you just curious? I have heard that Google and Amazon use a non-relational type database.
I'm not considering it; I'm simply trying to understand what it is and why it would be used.

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