pros/cons of xml database

Joseph Hall joseph at
Wed Aug 25 08:48:32 MDT 2010

Wade Preston Shearer <wadeshearer.lists at> wrote:
> Wikipedia and Google have come up light on information about XML databases. What are the reasons that one would choose this approach?

I've always seen XML as more of an interchange format. It can be handy
for swapping data between two applications that would otherwise use
dissimilar file formats.

A lot of apps use XML for their configs; I kind of prefer the $name =
value format, like Postfix uses. A lot of apps use XML for storing
local data. Seems kind of chatty and unwieldy to me; if you want a
light-weight local database, why not just use Berkeley DB? If you want
a heavier-weight local database, there are plenty of options that are
faster and scale better.


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