Linux Process Sampling

Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Thu Aug 19 23:48:35 MDT 2010

Not exactly a call stack, but KDE's System Activity monitor (ctrl+esc) can provide detailed memory information about a running process. You should see if it gets you any closer to your goal.


On Thursday August 19 2010 12:08:30 Dave Smith <dave at> wrote:
> In Mac OS X, I can use the "Activity Monitor" app to sample a process. 
> It shows the call tree at the moment, which is very handy to debug a 
> runaway process. I can find no such feature in Linux, so a co-worker 
> whipped up a script to use gdb to attach to a process repeatedly, dump 
> stack traces, and build a call tree. This works okay, but is very slow. 
> Mac OS X can sample a process in a few seconds. Mine can take a few 
> minutes (to sample it 10 times, for example).
> Google turned up this, but I can't seem to download the code:
> Does anyone have any other tools for sampling a process's call stack?
> --Dave

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