I need help!

Stuart Jansen sjansen at buscaluz.org
Tue Aug 17 10:14:27 MDT 2010

On Tue, 2010-08-17 at 09:59 -0600, Matthew Walker wrote:
> I haven't used slicehost, but I've been on Linode for almost a year now, and I love
> them. Their support is amazing, and they don't over-subscribe their boxes. Nor do they
> complain if you use a lot of CPU for extended periods for whatever reason.

One of the great things about Linode is that caker, the founder, has the
mentality of a sysadmin and the skills of a hacker. He understands the
importance of reliability above all else. Not only did he write the
first version of their great management software, but he even wrote
kernel patches to ensure a fair deal for his customers.

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