trying to find Linux LiveCD for finding MSWindows license key

Tod Hansmann tod at
Thu Aug 12 18:55:11 MDT 2010

On 8/12/2010 1:48 PM, Jeff Moyes wrote:
> <Summary: a whole bunch of criteria without really addressing what's wrong with the windows install, so we're avoiding fixing the problem by reinstalling but we need to retain the key and we don't want to use X number of solutions for some reason, so we're looking for a mystical ritual of some sort involving MJB>
Get WinPE 2.x, which is free, and can access Windows network shares and 
USB keys in many cases, and just burn the DVD ISO.  Attach the drive, 
use MJB, and you're golden, assuming you have the correct WinXP install 
disk (no, keys don't just work on any old winxp disk you have).  
Alternatively, just use the winxp disc to run a repair on the system and 
see if that works.

Note: if it's on a weird SATA controller, you might need the drivers to 
get anywhere with anything of this nature at the XP level of things.

-Tod Hansmann

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