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> I have also wanted to gain some independence from "the grid" for many years
> now.  The cost and complexity of the project has always hindered me.  If
> someone has not already done so, it could become a good business to create a
> kit for people that allows them to set these things up themselves and have
> the option to come install it for those who do not even want to use a kit.
>  A kit for wind, solar, fuelcell, etc, or a hybrid of multiple power sources
> and instructions on how to do it all safely and properly could be a good
> business model, depending on how many people want to do such a thing.
>  However, depending on the maintenance required of home users on such
> systems may balance out the long term cost savings and negate the viability
> of the project altogether.
here's a couple of recent articles about some folks that are doing solar


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