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Jonathan Duncan jonathan at
Thu Aug 12 16:14:43 MDT 2010

On 12 Aug 2010, at 16:00, Levi Pearson wrote:

> There's more to the system than just the panels, of course.  You'll
> need to factor in the correct batteries for your needs (different
> kinds of batteries have different points at which further discharge
> starts to cause damage, so you have to factor this into capacity
> calculations), a charge controller to make sure that the batteries are
> charged and discharged properly, a properly-sized full sine wave
> inverter to run your AC appliances, and whatever other gadgets that
> are necessary to integrate your system with the grid and gas
> generator.  Presumably you don't want to go shuffling plugs at your
> breaker panel whenever you want to switch power sources, and hooking
> things up the wrong way can backfeed power where it shouldn't go and
> cause serious problems.  You could blow up your own equipment or
> electrocute a utility worker if you hooked things up wrong.  The above
> equipment is generally not cheap.  :)
> As far as solar goes, you might also want to consider solar water
> heating, which could also reduce your gas bill.  It doesn't involve
> expensive photovoltaic cells, so it could be cheaper to implement.

I have also wanted to gain some independence from "the grid" for many years now.  The cost and complexity of the project has always hindered me.  If someone has not already done so, it could become a good business to create a kit for people that allows them to set these things up themselves and have the option to come install it for those who do not even want to use a kit.  A kit for wind, solar, fuelcell, etc, or a hybrid of multiple power sources and instructions on how to do it all safely and properly could be a good business model, depending on how many people want to do such a thing.  However, depending on the maintenance required of home users on such systems may balance out the long term cost savings and negate the viability of the project altogether.

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