trying to find Linux LiveCD for finding MSWindows license key

Jeff Moyes ml at
Thu Aug 12 13:48:35 MDT 2010

  Thanks for the responses Victor and Aaron

 > Let me guess:

I looked at Magic Jelly Bean as well as some others but couldn't find 
any LiveCDs for them.  With Magic Jelly Bean finder you have to be 
running it from within Windows from what I was able to make out.  The 
FAQ says

"/*Q:* Can I retrieve the product key from a non-booting Windows 
As long as both Windows versions are 2000, XP, 2003, or Vista, you can 
use the Load Hive function. You will have to slave the drive and point 
the Keyfinder to the non-booting Windows directory."

I want something where I've got a livecd that I can just throw in and 
not have to worry about taking the HD out of the one machine, and 
putting it as a slave into another.

Thanks though.  If there were some liveCD that included MJB that would 
be great.


p.s. I should add, I'm hoping to find an ISO that I can just download 
and burn, not have to create it ala BartPE.

I could try Ubuntu - from what I read you have to go in fairly manually 
locate the right files for the registry and then have to try to edit 
them and go digging through, etc. I'm hoping to have something nice and 
easy like Magic Jelly Bean -  but that runs from a liveCD.

I found the Hiren's BootCD that has some programs - but there are 
various commercial programs on the disc that aren't legally 
distributable. Even the program I need is freeware and is on the livecd 
due to ethical reasons I'm not wanting to use the CD as a whole.  I've 
used UltimateBootCD on various occasions for some windows fixing - but 
it doesn't have and windows key finder-type programs

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