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On 08/12/2010 12:50 AM, Michael Torrie wrote:
> On 08/12/2010 12:21 AM, Bryan Thomas wrote:
>> out of curiosity, why do you say that they all suck?  what would make
>> them better?
> If you never had to worry about batteries, charging circuits, inverter
> circuits, relays, etc.
> In the few APC units I manage, we end up replacing failed batteries
> every two years, on average.  everything else on the APC units, even the
> older ones, seems to work fine, though.
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Even (especially?) professional level UPS' (350 KVA, multiple cabinets 
of batteries, etc) have to have the batteries changed out every 2-3 
years, as any longer than that and your failure rate is way to high to 
depend on.  It is the nature of batteries.

We usually swap out a third of the cabinets each year, so they are all 
on a three year rotation with only a third at any time being 2-3 years old.

Having said that, I tend to ignore my home UPS' until they fail during a 
power outage, then go buy another battery.


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