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Fri Aug 6 11:36:34 MDT 2010

On Fri, Aug 6, 2010 at 7:18 AM, Jacob Albretsen <jakea at> wrote:
> Quoting Jared Smith <jaredsmith at>:
>> And for once, I agree with Fozz.  What's this world coming to?  Oh,
>> and here's an article on tech certs in general (with more specific
>> details about RHCE) that you might find interesting:
> Interesting that it says Security+ is number 3 on the list.  My job
> required me to get a security certification and I ended up getting
> Security+ (wasn't my first choice, but cost the least).  I read a
> book, took some practice tests, then went and nearly got 100% on it.
> I didn't find it particularly difficult compared to the studying and
> practicing I had to do to earn the RHCE.
> I'll also echo Aaron and others about the RHCT / RHCE.  Having my RHCE
> has partially contributed to the last 3 jobs I've had.  One
> specifically asked for it in the job description.  The certification
> was worth the time.

Some data points for those interested:

Salary (RHCE vs MCSE vs Linux+)
 (Notice that for the Linux+ cert it says "No Data" -- as in, no one
is asking for that)

Of course experience and other things play a huge factor in the salary
offered to any given candidate (so I wouldn't expect $60k+/yr right
after I got my RHCE), but I would think getting $40k-$50k/yr would be
Just some food for thought.  I concur that getting the RHCE would
definitely be worthwhile.


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