Mike mike at
Thu Aug 5 10:57:03 MDT 2010


I have recently received my Linux+ certification, which I know is not much. I 
have been looking for employment where I could use that certification, but 
haven't had any luck finding something. In addition to Linux+ I have Security+ 
(which was much better for Linux administration than Linux+, IMHO), Network+ and 
of course, A+.

I am currently taking the CISCO courseware, because I am enamored with 
networking. I am capable of learning any additional skills that I would require 
very quickly: the only reason that I did not receive my Linux+ certification in 
under one month related to paying for the exam; the only reason that I did not 
receive my Security+ certification in 20 days was related to scheduling the 
exam, though I did manage to receive it in under 30 days; I also received my 
Network+ in under 30 days.

Additionally, I am currently working with the state Office of Vocational 
Rehabilitation, which has said that they can offer employers up to 90% salary 
reimbursement for the first 3 months of employment.

Does anyone know of an opening?
Michael Huston

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