System only sees 8 of 16 GB of RAM

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Wed Aug 4 00:06:50 MDT 2010

On Tue, Aug 03, 2010 at 11:55:35PM -0600, Richard Esplin wrote:
> Before calling Lenovo support, I decided to test each sodimm alone in the system to rule out the memory. When I saw that each one could be seen, I put them all back in and the system recognized the full 16 GB. I guess one or two sodimms were not correctly seated (though I had visually inspected them earlier).
> I hope that the problem is solved.

Check out 'dmidecode' as root. If your motherboard is communicating with
the kernel correctly, then it should be able to tell you how much RAM
your board is capable of, and how much RAM each slot can handle.

In the case of my Lenovo T61, it's capable of 8192 MB of RAM, with a
maximum memory size of 4096 MB per dimm.

Example output:

Handle 0x0007, DMI type 5, 20 bytes
Memory Controller Information
        Error Detecting Method: None
        Error Correcting Capabilities:
        Supported Interleave: One-way Interleave
        Current Interleave: One-way Interleave
        Maximum Memory Module Size: 4096 MB
        Maximum Total Memory Size: 8192 MB
        Supported Speeds:
        Supported Memory Types:
        Memory Module Voltage: 2.9 V
        Associated Memory Slots: 2
        Enabled Error Correcting Capabilities:

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