$100/hr for your opinion

Jonathan Duncan jonathan at bluesunhosting.com
Tue Apr 27 11:27:53 MDT 2010

IT professionals (! Web Developers),

Lighthouse Research in Riverton Utah is conducting a research study on a particular web site and they need opinions from IT professionals.  Preferably IT managers.  They do not want web developers.  (Not sure why, but that rules me out.)  If you feel that you could trade 1 hour worth of opinion giving they will give you $100 cash.  They need people this week.  So you would need to contact them asap.  If you know anyone who fits the criteria who is not on this list, please pass on the message.  You can call or email, the contact information is:

cbraithwaite at go-lighthouse.com
801.446.4000 (Ask for Vonnie)

I am not affiliated with them, other than we use them for research projects on occasion and they learned that I do IT work.  They did not know that I am also mostly a web dev.

Jonathan Duncan

Jonathan Duncan

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