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Thu Apr 22 18:45:28 MDT 2010

To say just another form of communication is "slightly in accurate. It is the main form  
of communication during any emergency. It is used by government groups during  
natural disasters, search and rescue, and other emergencies. Morse code is not even  
used much because of changes in radio technology. Communication like Facebook 
(LOL), cell phones, and other forms are of little use at the time of an emergency.  
The first line of communication has always been and is projected to be the only 
true first line of communication during a disasters. The other may take days or  
longer to get into place 



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Re: [OT] HAM Radio License 

On 04/22/2010 12:40 PM, Daniel C. wrote:
> I've always been curious - what exactly does one use a HAM radio for?

It's just another form of communication, like Facebook, IRC, cell phones
or mailing lists. One key difference that HAM radio has, that the rest
don't, in the event of a catastrophe is Morse code. It still remains one
of the most fundamental forms of communication when everything else
fails. Which still confounds me how Morse code knowledge and competency
is no longer part of the exams.

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