May Meeting Ideas... Marxist?

Ryan Simpkins plug at
Wed Apr 21 10:38:23 MDT 2010

On Wed, April 21, 2010 09:05, alpheus.madsen at wrote:
> From: Michael Torrie <torriem at>
>> On 04/20/2010 01:43 PM, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>>> Does anyone have any ideas for a May 12th meeting? Perhaps
>>> someone would like to offer a presentation explaining why
>>> Stuart is Marxist? I promise we will believe you if you
>>> are passionate enough.
>>> Or just a meeting that explains what marxism really is
>>> instead of having to rely on Fox for our definitions.  Maybe
>>> also fascism.  Oops.  Killed the thread right there.  Sorry, Ryan.
> I rely on Rose Wilder Lane for my definitions of both.  Which basically means
> that I define both marxism and fascism as "reactionary counter-revolutions
> against the True Revolution--the discovery of Freedom--in an attempt to return
> to a time when the State controlled everything, and there was a nice Social
> Order where every person knew his place in society (or were fined, beaten, and
> imprisoned into submission)."
> Maybe I should have just let this thread die...

I was hoping all I had to do was put "Marxist" in the subject, and it would
spawn 120 replies. Sadly, this has not worked.

So, do we need to have a debate at the plug meeting explaining what or who is
Marxist? I don't know who would be arguing for and against. I think we all
know the truth. In fact, we can simply change the definition of Marxisim to
mean "Apple Incorporated of Cupertino, California."

Since we all agree with that statement, are there any other topics you'd like
to hear about?



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