May Meeting Ideas... Marxist?

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Wed Apr 21 09:05:45 MDT 2010

From: Michael Torrie <torriem at>
> On 04/20/2010 01:43 PM, Ryan Simpkins wrote:
>> Does anyone have any ideas for a May 12th meeting? Perhaps
>> someone would like to offer a presentation explaining why
>> Stuart is Marxist? I promise we will believe you if you
>> are passionate enough.
>> Or just a meeting that explains what marxism really is
>> instead of having to rely on Fox for our definitions.  Maybe
>> also fascism.  Oops.  Killed the thread right there.  Sorry, Ryan.

I rely on Rose Wilder Lane for my definitions of both.  Which basically means that I define both marxism and fascism as "reactionary counter-revolutions against the True Revolution--the discovery of Freedom--in an attempt to return to a time when the State controlled everything, and there was a nice Social Order where every person knew his place in society (or were fined, beaten, and imprisoned into submission)."

Maybe I should have just let this thread die...

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