secure shell system

Christer Edwards christer.edwards at
Sun Apr 18 12:24:12 MDT 2010

I've been doing some research recently on securing and limiting shell
access to a server. I thought I would pose the question here.
Hopefully we'll all get something beneficial out of the discussion,
and it'll give us a break from name calling on the Net Neutrality
thread. :P

Suppose you were given the task of building a system that would allow
dozens of users shell access. This system would be used for clients or
developers to run utilities, etc. Keeping security, privacy and
resource limitations in mind, consider the following questions:

What operating system / distribution would you use? Why?
What would you use to ensure privacy between users (home folders,
personal files, etc)
What would you use to ensure users don't use too many resources (cpu,
memory, disk space, etc)
What would your partitioning scheme look like? Why?
What other security/privacy/resource utilities would you implement on
your system?

(This is not a homework assignment and it is not a work project. I'm
simply interested in gathering information on the topic.)

Christer Edwards

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