[OT] Salary Negotiations Advice

Daniel C. dcrookston at gmail.com
Sun Apr 18 11:53:25 MDT 2010

On Thu, Apr 15, 2010 at 5:24 PM, Robert Merrill <robertmerrill at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hey Pluggers -- I know this is way off topic, but i'm trying to gather
> real-world advice around salary/contract negotiations for a
> presentation a colleague of mine is doing.  I put up a blog post (
> http://bit.ly/98wvM6 ), but I don't care if you go there or post
> here--how do you go about negotiating pay?

I recommend checking out the advice on Ask the Headhunter.  His
website is spectacularly poor in design, but his advice is fantastic.
I have used the magic of Google to bring you the pages specifically
related to salary negotiations:


I'd be curious to hear what people in the position to make hiring
decisions think about what he's written.


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