[OT] Magento gurus?

Tod Hansmann tod at todandlorna.com
Fri Apr 16 08:59:51 MDT 2010

The list might benefit from this info: I just interviewed a week or so 
ago with a group of guys called DCQ Engineering that work a lot with 
Magento.  If you want some consulting, they might be a good resource. 
They're big on Linux, so I'd imagine at least one of them is on list too.


-Tod Hansmann

On 4/15/2010 11:34 PM, Matthew Frederico wrote:
> Having explored the entire interwebs from beginning to end, I have
> determined that I am I am having some unique issues with magento
> 1.4.0.x on CentOS 5 ..  Anybody out there have experience with it who
> may want to make a couple hundred extra bucks?
> Please reply off list - [flamers welcome, I don't discriminate] .. :-D

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