Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

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> The thing that made it difficult for me to eat beef (not
> impossible--I still enjoy stew and hamburgers--but I had to ignore
> what I was eating) was reading how the USDF not only approved of, but
> insisted that, cows should be fed chicken manure.  One person who
> owned a slaughterhouse said he may have to quit, because he couldn't
> stand how the slaughtered beef smelled like the chicken manure they
> were being fed.


That's up there with a case a few years ago. Turns out the FDA requires
abattoirs to test one in a hundred steers for BSE. A company in Kansas
that specializes in high quality beef decided they were going to test
every single steer for BSE. The FDA told them they couldn't.

I think I'll stick to eating buffalo. I know the folks who raise and
the folks who process mine.


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