[way OT] - Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Wed Apr 14 10:02:40 MDT 2010

On 04/14/2010 09:23 AM, alpheus.madsen at juno.com wrote:
> Thus, Michael may be Canadian, but Canada isn't as friendly to
> private health insurance as he makes it out to be, either!

But you lied when you said private health insurance was illegal.  Plain
and simple.

> If Canada's health care is so great, why did Newfoundland and
> Labrador Premier Danny Williams feel he needed to come to the United
> States for heart surgery, rather than wait in line for heart surgery
> as the typical Canadian who gets surgery in Canada would have to do?

Do you know Mr. Williams personally and can vouch for his reasons?  If
you don't, then saying he didn't want to "wait in line for heart
surgery" is just something you (or someone you read) made up.

As for it being "so great" I never said that.  I was merely countering
your misinformation.

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