Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

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From: Dave Smith <dave at>
>> If you think things are bad now, you really should have been
>> around for the 1900s. Today, the government allows vanishingly
>> small amount of rat feces in food. That's still better than
>> things a hundred years ago when your Durham's Pure Leaf Lard
>> might have contained boiled human remains.
> Yeah, it's much better now. Today, your meat is soaked in
> ammonia before it gets to the grocery store. That way, there's
> no bacteria in it. Phew.  Oh, and the cows are pumped with
> antibiotics to keep them alive long enough to slaughter them.
> Otherwise, they would die months too early due to the knee-deep
> manure they live in and their high corn diet. And since 
> their legs are barely strong enough to hold up their
> artificially fattened bodies, they spend much of their time
> lying in the crap. Sweet sweet beef. I had a burger yesterday,
> and it was delicious.
> Are things really better now? Or just different? Have we traded
> rat droppings and disease for harmful chemicals and obesity?

The thing that made it difficult for me to eat beef (not impossible--I still enjoy stew and hamburgers--but I had to ignore what I was eating) was reading how the USDF not only approved of, but insisted that, cows should be fed chicken manure.  One person who owned a slaughterhouse said he may have to quit, because he couldn't stand how the slaughtered beef smelled like the chicken manure they were being fed.

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