Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Apr 14 09:24:52 MDT 2010

Stuart Jansen wrote:
> If you think things are bad now, you really should have been around for
> the 1900s. Today, the government allows vanishingly small amount of rat
> feces in food. That's still better than things a hundred years ago when
> your Durham's Pure Leaf Lard might have contained boiled human remains.

Yeah, it's much better now. Today, your meat is soaked in ammonia before 
it gets to the grocery store. That way, there's no bacteria in it. Phew. 
Oh, and the cows are pumped with antibiotics to keep them alive long 
enough to slaughter them. Otherwise, they would die months too early due 
to the knee-deep manure they live in and their high corn diet. And since 
their legs are barely strong enough to hold up their artificially 
fattened bodies, they spend much of their time lying in the crap. Sweet 
sweet beef. I had a burger yesterday, and it was delicious.

Are things really better now? Or just different? Have we traded rat 
droppings and disease for harmful chemicals and obesity?


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