Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

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Tue Apr 13 12:16:03 MDT 2010

From: Michael Torrie <torriem at>
> Having health care insurance reform, for example, does
> not "take away our freedom!"  Particularly in Utah where
> a certain religion is quite dominant, ideas of what "Freedom"
> and "Agency" are are really skewed.

Obama's Health Care "Reform" (that is really almost the capstone of Government Take-over of Health Care that began in the 1940's) *is* the taking away of freedom, or what little freedom we have left.  The reforms involved are going to push up *my* health care rates, which will then make it so that I couldn't afford them, which will then push me onto a plan *where I have to get government approval* for health care operations.  Where is the freedom in this?

Furthermore, if I want to add a child to *my* plan, I would have to get government approval for it as well.  Again, how does this benefit society?  How does all this make us more free?

> In general, this quintessential American idea of "me against
> the Man" has always struck me as very odd since if the Man
> is really against me then the republic has failed.  Despite
> what certain pundits on the right wing news channels say,
> I don't think the republic has failed yet.

It's come close.  When we can't choose our own health care plans and providers (our choices have been severely limited as it is, by state and federal law), our own health care options (I *do not* want to get approval from an overworked government panel for a pacemaker, for example), or even whether or not we could farm our own wheat for our own chickens without regulation--which has nothing to do with health care, but has everything to do with our own basic right to eat what we want--then it's safe to say that the Man is against us.

(And yes, the Supreme Court has ruled that the Federal Government can regulate wheat grown for your own chickens, by the convoluted reasoning that it's "interstate commerce" because the person growing the wheat isn't purchasing it over state lines, and therefore impacting interstate commerce.)

What's wrong with making our own choices?  Sure, we're not always informed, but when we want to be, we can be!

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