Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

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Tue Apr 13 11:53:32 MDT 2010

From: Lonnie Olson <lists at>
> Also, to your comment about starting a new ISP, have you
> even thought that through.  You still have to provide
> last-mile service somehow. Do you think you can provide
> cable based internet access?  Do you think you can
> provide your own DSL bypassing Qwest?  NO, you cannot.
> It's all government supported monopolies.  You can't lay
> new cable without government permits.  Government will
> not allow you to lay new cable to compete with these
> people.  It's not an option.
> We have 2 real hopes for these problems.
> 1. Municipal owned/run Fiber to the home (Utopia,iProvo)
> 2. Net Neutrality legislation to protect us in this
> current state of limited competition.

You left off a third real hope:
3.  Repeal the stupid local, state and federal laws that make it so darn difficult to create real competition!

Why, oh why, is the solution to government-supported monopolies and burdensome regulations almost always "let's do more of the same!"?

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