Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Lonnie Olson lists at
Tue Apr 13 09:56:41 MDT 2010

On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 9:36 PM, Tod Hansmann <tod at> wrote:
> My opinion on all this is simple:  If you don't like the way ISP X is
> doing something, leave ISP X.  If you don't think you have options, you
> just lost the game.  Have a view of the southern sky?  Congrats, you can
> get broadband via satellite from a number of vendors.  Have a phone
> line?  Congrats, you can get dial-up.  Don't like that there's high
> latency, dns hijacking, slow speeds, P2P blocking, or some other thing
> you hate in all of your ISP options?  Well, shut up, put your money
> where your mouth is, and start your own ISP.  No, you can't say it's a
> money problem.  Money's out there for this sort of thing, you just have
> to sell it to the right investors.  People will give you money for
> anything if you sell it right.  Can't sell it?  Find someone who can who
> will.  Think that's too much work?  Well, now we're at the real issue,
> aren't we.  Oh, laziness.

It seems you really don't understand the ISP industry currently.
Simply choosing a new ISP is not always an option.  In the realm of
broadband there are up to 4 choices:
* Cable based internet with only one choice of ISP
* DSL via local telco with a choice of a few ISPs
* Wireless internet
* Satellite

Satellite is only a last resort for those who don't have the other
three options available.  It's only barely more usable than Dial-up.
And *NO* dial-up is not an option these days.

Wireless coverage is always spotty at best.  Also it's
performance/reliability is much more substandard from Cable or DSL.

For the majority of people that only leaves 2 choices.  Sure DSL has
options of other ISPs, but the limitations and problems of the telco
(Qwest) can often be the source of trouble.  This is *NOT* sufficient
competition to promote healthy free market choices.

Also, to your comment about starting a new ISP, have you even thought
that through.  You still have to provide last-mile service somehow.
Do you think you can provide cable based internet access?  Do you
think you can provide your own DSL bypassing Qwest?  NO, you cannot.
It's all government supported monopolies.  You can't lay new cable
without government permits.  Government will not allow you to lay new
cable to compete with these people.  It's not an option.

We have 2 real hopes for these problems.
1. Municipal owned/run Fiber to the home (Utopia,iProvo)
2. Net Neutrality legislation to protect us in this current state of
limited competition.

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