Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Michael Torrie torriem at
Mon Apr 12 22:55:45 MDT 2010

Nicholas Leippe wrote:
> You think I'm full of it?
> Here's some much more in-depth history of the FDA and some of it's
> lovely actions (explicitly _not_ protecting consumers).

While I don't doubt that there is corruption in the FDA and that it
often does not serve the people like it should, would you want to
disband it?  Seems to me that the FDA, for all its failings, does enough
good to warrant its existence.  Certainly when I get sick from eating
food in foreign countries that have no regulatory control over food at
all, I am grateful for what the FDA has managed to accomplish despite
all its many failings.

By the way this kind of link is far more convincing in support of your
claims than the blog post and WWN-wannabe news rag you linked to before.

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