Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Tod Hansmann tod at
Mon Apr 12 21:36:38 MDT 2010

On 4/12/2010 8:49 PM, Stuart Jansen wrote:
> Look how universal education transformed our country. Look how rural
> mail delivery transformed our country. Look how the interstate road
> system transformed our country. Why is universal, unpolluted Internet a
> line too far?
Your two examples are a bad fit for the point you're trying to express.
a) Universal education is a requirement, not a right, and only one we 
enforce on children whom we deem too young to decide that the rule 
should not apply to them.  It's something we enforce poorly, something 
they arguably don't provide well, and something we have healthy 
competition in the market thereof.
b) The interstate road system is for a largely different use, something 
provided from one entity (with the exception of toll roads from private 
entities), and that entity has vastly different goals from the entities 
providing the internet access.

(more on topic):
My opinion on all this is simple:  If you don't like the way ISP X is 
doing something, leave ISP X.  If you don't think you have options, you 
just lost the game.  Have a view of the southern sky?  Congrats, you can 
get broadband via satellite from a number of vendors.  Have a phone 
line?  Congrats, you can get dial-up.  Don't like that there's high 
latency, dns hijacking, slow speeds, P2P blocking, or some other thing 
you hate in all of your ISP options?  Well, shut up, put your money 
where your mouth is, and start your own ISP.  No, you can't say it's a 
money problem.  Money's out there for this sort of thing, you just have 
to sell it to the right investors.  People will give you money for 
anything if you sell it right.  Can't sell it?  Find someone who can who 
will.  Think that's too much work?  Well, now we're at the real issue, 
aren't we.  Oh, laziness.

(Do note that I'm not saying everything here is complaining.  Voicing an 
opinion is very different, and there's been a lot of intelligent 
discourse in this and many other topics here, so I'm not picking on 
anyone in particular here.  It just tends to happen in human groups 
where people are unhappy, and most people are anyway.  This thread seems 
to be steering to that direction.)

Don't be lazy, and don't complain.  About anything.  Ever.  Just do 
something about it or be quiet.  No, complaining is not doing something 
about it.  That's the opposite of doing something.  It's worse than 
being quiet, because it makes your cause look like the cause of 
whiners.  Change is simple to bring about.  It's just a crap ton of 
work.  Don't think it's worth that much work, but still want to do 
something?  Tough.  All or nothing in this game of life.

Go big or go home, I suppose.

-Tod Hansmann

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