Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Shane Hathaway shane at
Mon Apr 12 21:35:54 MDT 2010

On 04/12/2010 11:17 AM, Steven Alligood wrote:
> In fact, the same thing applies to Comcast and blocking any and all
> ports that they deem abusive.  If their business model precludes your
> torrents, then find another ISP.   And don't argue that you cannot; the
> Internet is NOT a basic human right, nor is TV, cable, or even frozen pizza.

I think what we're talking about is not basic rights, but rather truth 
in advertising.  People have certain reasonable expectations about what 
they are going to get when they buy Internet service.  Nearly every ISP 
violates those expectations in subtle ways, but currently, the only way 
to discover all the limitations of an ISP is to buy the service for a 
while and bump into problems.  That is lying to customers.

Similarly, it sounds like Sprint is forging DNS responses.  I believe 
that kind of forgery should be considered as illegal as any other kind 
of forgery.


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