Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Corey Edwards tensai at
Mon Apr 12 11:49:36 MDT 2010

Steven Alligood wrote:
> It should be illegal to put up advertising billboards, just because you
> don't like them?
> How about commercials on TV?  Let's make those illegal as well, how dare
> they put advertising in my shows?
> What about the ads on the back of the frozen pizza you bought at
> Smiths?  How outrageous.
> The only thing I see as UnAmerican here is the limiting of people making
> money with completely legal methods.

Your strawmen aren't completely accurate analogies to how the Internet
works. I'd say it's more like the phone company interrupting a phone
call to bring you a sponsored message. Or the mailman slipping
advertising into your letters. There has always been an unspoken
understanding that packets, like phone calls or letters, will be
delivered as-is and not modified in process.

> In fact, the same thing applies to Comcast and blocking any and all
> ports that they deem abusive.

Same thing with the phone or letter analogy. If the postmaster knew
there was a bomb in your letter, he wouldn't deliver it. Those are
exceptional cases and I would suggest that clear public policies about
what they consider abusive behavior and what they will do about it would
be appropriate.

>  If their business model precludes your
> torrents, then find another ISP.   And don't argue that you cannot; the
> Internet is NOT a basic human right, nor is TV, cable, or even frozen
> pizza.

And yet of all those examples, Internet is by far the least regulated.
Just because something is not a basic human right doesn't mean we
shouldn't have standards. There is not enough competition for the market
to simply sort out all these problems.


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