Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

Nicholas Leippe nick at
Mon Apr 12 11:40:04 MDT 2010

> Sounds like Comcast, et al., have some serious vision issues for the public
> and are too focused on money.

Does that surprise anyone in the least?

They are a /business/. If they didn't do everything in their power to
maximize their profit, what would their shareholders scream? The
internet is not a humanitarian effort. It's not a right. There's no
"moral good" to be had from providing better service at lower cost to
their customers. They aren't a government agency paid for by tax
dollars (actually, some of their infrastructure is subsidized, so
there's some argument to be had there), and are not governed by
elected officials to service some public good. They're in it to make

Now while it may not be good for you or I--that's just the way it works.
We can always (usually) vote with our dollars and reward those
businesses that do care more about service than profit--help them
survive with a less efficient cash flow.

But why find fault with a business for focusing on money? Really?
Step in their shoes for a second--their reactions seem fairly natural
and unsurprising.

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