Net Neutrality Is Marxist?

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Mon Apr 12 08:02:11 MDT 2010

Unfortunately, net neutrality is so loosely defined that it is not easy
to discuss it.  What does it really require?
I think few would argue that ISP's should not censor the traffic they
carry, nor limit with whom their customers can communicate.  Such
behavior seems so unAmerican as to be beyond dispute.
Most would also agree that it is fair for ISP's to charge more for fast
connections than for slow ones.  It seems reasonable that if you pay for
a 1 Mbps connection, the ISP should be able to limit you to that speed.
But what about Sprint's practice of intercepting all DNS requests,
regardless of the destination IP address, and resolving the DNS using
its own servers?  Should this be allowed?  We discovered this practice
when we noticed that some of our employees when using Sprint air cards
were able to connect to internet services we had intended to block by
excluding them from our DNS servers.  We soon realized that the DNS
requests from our employee's laptops, which we had configured to go to
our own DNS servers, were never making it through Sprint's last mile. 
Thus, our employees could see the entire internet which of course raises
security and other concerns.  Sprint at first denied they were doing
this, but finally admitted it to us.
It would appear that Sprint makes money selling "rerouting" services to
their advertisers.  If someone mistypes the URL, Sprint intercepts the
DNS request and prepares their own response along the lines, "Did you
mean ..." followed by the name of one or more of their advertisers.
It seems to me that this kind of behavior should be illegal.
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>>> "Ryan Simpkins" <plug at> 4/9/2010 4:17 PM >>> 

Side "A" (the government wants to stop free speech):

Side "B" (corporations want to stop free speech):*t-take-away-our-internet

Anyone care to post a rational response to these views? Perhaps the
article is wrong? Does it need to be edited to include a section on
Neutrality being part of the "Marxist agenda?"

I'm not taking sides, simply throwing out the information. If you
support net
neutrality, do you consider yourself a Marxist socialist?


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