A new line of arm-based plug computers

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Sat Apr 10 10:39:06 MDT 2010

Kenneth Burgener wrote:
> I added the GuruPlug Pro (2x network interfaces) to my shopping cart, 
> and when I went to check out it recommended I also get the "GuruPlug 
> JTAG Board" 
> (https://www.globalscaletechnologies.com/p-28-guruplug-jtag.aspx).  Is 
> this board required to flash the GuruPlug Pro, or can the GuruPlug Pro 
> have Linux written to the storage through the USB interface?

It's my understanding that the jtag interface is only needed if you
screw up the flash enough that the boot loader is messed up.  Even if
the OS itself won't boot, the bootloader can tftp stuff and write to
flash.  What I plan to do is bet the OS running over NFSROOT (which is
about working now), then create the ubifs image and write that from the
running linux system to the mtd root partition area.  Certainly you can
reflash the kernel from any running plug OS.  I did that on my older
sheevas to upgrade to 2.6.32 while keeping the stock ubuntu OS.

I must admit that I a but confused about their jtag device too.  It's
always been my understanding that the mini USB port was both a serial
console and a jtag interface.  I'm not really sure; probably best to ask
the plugcomputer.org forum.  They have lots of info on reflashing the
plugs and so forth.

I plan to order mine without the jtag.  Haven't had any need for jtag
with my plugs yet.

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