Recommended OpenVPN Setup

Dave Smith dave at
Wed Apr 7 16:59:54 MDT 2010

Michael Torrie wrote:
> I will attach the following files

Phew. At least you don't have to edit 3 million config files. Those 
OpenVpn people really want to make this as easy as possible don't they?

> I hope I haven't missed anything or messed up the config files too
> badly.  I can answer any questions about them that you might have.

Yeah, I'm sure I'll have some questions. In fact, my first one is this: 
Is anyone interested in setting this up for my company (6 laptops, 1 
server) for an hourly rate? If so, send me a quote off list. Depending 
on how much our company grows, you could become our preferred IT 
contract go-to guy.


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