A new line of arm-based plug computers

Dave Smith dave at thesmithfam.org
Wed Apr 7 12:40:52 MDT 2010

Michael Torrie wrote:
> The router station pro doesn't come with wireless, right?  You have to
> add a mini-PCI wireless card to get that, don't you?

That is correct. Bring your own Wi-Fi cards. It has 3 mini-PCI slots for 
that purpose (only one of which I will ever use, maybe). It has 16MB of 
on-board flash (so your root FS and kernel must fit in 16MB), a 680MHz 
MIPS CPU, and 128MB of RAM, which is ample for me. I only use about 30MB 
of RAM, even with my application running. Plus it includes several nice 
web-based UIs for configuration. It also has UART, JTAG and GPIO 
headers, which can be handy (haven't used them yet but I might use the 
GPIO for a SPI interface to another device).

Fun stuff!


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