Dansguardian Issues

Richard Esplin richard-lists at esplins.org
Sat Apr 3 12:11:03 MDT 2010

How certain are you that Dansguardian is the culprit?

When Dansguardian blocks a page you should get a Dansguardian notice instead of a blank page loading. cedarfort.com works with my Dansguardian installation.

Are you using a proxy to send content through Dansguardian? Does the page load when you have disabled Dansguardian?


On Sat 3 April 2010 11:07:15 jessie at confettiantiques.com wrote:
> I have been having problems with Dansguardian, especially on one specific
> site. The site is http://www.cedarfort.com/. All I get is a blank page, no
> HTML at all. Is there an iptables rule that will allow me to bypass DG on
> the sever for this one IP? Output from iptables-save is at
> http://pastie.org/901830. I do not have the original iptables script
> anymore.
> Thanks!
> --
> Jessie Morris

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