Ubuntu 9.10 Bittorrents are flowing

Michael Torrie torriem at gmail.com
Thu Oct 29 10:46:08 MDT 2009

Charles Curley wrote:
> Not that I know of. Gentoo and Debian have something similar, and they
> are nice. However, Ubuntu is a fat distribution, so I expect much of
> what's on the CD is installed. (Ubuntu provides CD-size images.)

CDs are extremely slow to install from.  They are much, much slower than
DVDs and I've found net installs to be an order of magnitude faster than
CD installs, even for "fat installs" like Fedora and ubuntu.  Certainly
as fast as DVD installs.

> Also, I would wonder how well the network installers would recover if
> the network broke during the install.

They do very well, actually, as the installer (which on Fedora is yum)
just switches to a different mirror.  Eventually it pops up an error

Actually, as I think about it, I believe Ubuntu can be installed through
a pxe image.  I installed 8.04 that way if I recall.  All the packages
were downloaded from mirrors using http.

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