XMission seeks Director of Network Operations

Pete Ashdown pashdown at xmission.com
Wed Oct 28 17:04:05 MDT 2009

Please send resumes to support at xmission.com.

Job Summary

Responsible for managing all network and telecom services,
including but not limited to: carrier contract negotiations,
budget forecasting, network architecting, engineering &
deployment, and the Network Operations Center. Also function as
the product manager over XMission's suite of network and telco
related products, overseeing product development to ensure
XMission's connectivity products remain highly competitive in the


Network Administration

* Oversee and manage all network and telecom services: Dial-up,
* DSL, FTTP, Dedicated, and Colocation over many different
* transport mediums.  Architect, engineer, implement, and
* maintain networking infrastructure to handle growth and provide
* redundancy at multiple levels, on various Cisco and Juniper
* routers & switches.  Perform BGP traffic engineering on border
* routers to control inbound and outbound transit from four
* separate providers and private peering, utilizing
* advertised/received communities to optimize latency and provide
* best path.  Maintain a healthy Network/Telecom budget,
* forecasting 6-12 months Manage NOC duties and assigned
* personnel, including active monitoring of all network
* services. Immediate customer notification on trouble tickets,
* and assist in resolution at all levels (internal and/or carrier
* escalation).  Deal directly with telecom and fiber carriers for
* contract negotiations, circuit ordering, provisioning, and
* repair.  Utilize netflows on routers, as well as via software
* fprobes on monitor sessions to track, graph, and archive
* traffic utilization on border and customer aggregation routers
* for a few large public wireless hot spot areas.  Expand
* physical copper and fiber plant as additional networking
* devices and servers are deployed.  Work with telecom carriers
* for support and troubleshooting of DS1, DS3, OC3, GE and ATM /
* Frame Relay circuit issues.  Advanced handling of Colocation,
* Dedicated, and Business level clients, including assistance in
* provisioning new routers during circuit turnup.

Senior Sales Engineer

* Generate bandwidth pricing models, updated frequently, to
* assist in Colocation and Dedicated sales bids.  Recommend and
* assist new or existing clients on how to best utilize their
* XMission circuits (Colocation and Dedicated), including router
* recommendations, configuration examples, transport diversity,
* and redundancy.


* Oversee and manage a multi-POP metro wireless service, which
  provides secure dedicated IP, VPLS circuits, and backhaul


Required knowledge of:

* Cisco IOS JUNOS, JUNOSe IPv4/IPv6 stacks Fundamental TCP/IP
* concepts Low to high level routing protocols - EIGRP, BGPv4/6,
* OSPF/v3, RIP Traffic engineering via route-map's and
* policy-statements Usage of BGP communities & tags and how to
* apply them internally and externally Firewalling & ACLs STP,
* LACP, dot1q, VRRP Linux bridging / enslaving / iptables
* 802.11a,b,g,n wireless aiming and access points QoS

Desired knowledge of:

* Perl Programming Linux Systems Administration Fiber WDM
* technologies Wireshark / tcpdump Hands on experience with
* RJ11/45 crimping, 66/110 blocks.  Chillispot / Coovachilli
* 802.11abgn DD-WRT, OpenWRT, StarOS, Mikrotik, and other AP OS's
* Mesh networking

About XMission

Founded in November of 1993 by Pete Ashdown, XMission is Utah's
oldest and largest independent ISP and has one of the largest
diverse carrier networks in the western United States. XMission
is a progressive company which closely involves itself with the
local community and provides free Internet service to hundreds of

More about XMission: http://www.xmission.com/about/

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