ISP options

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Oct 27 16:03:05 MDT 2009

Steven Alligood wrote:
> I get tired of home users constantly griping that they cannot constantly 
> use their full bandwidth.  Let me clue you in.  Bandwidth costs money.  
> Most ISPs are paying on the order of $10 - $50 per megabit.  If you are 
> using your full bandwidth all the time, you are costing them between $80 
> and $500 per month, not counting the infrastructure, support staff, 
> local loops charges, etc.  In other words, they loose money on you.  
> That is not a viable business model.

Bandwidth has little to do with the issue I'm talking about.

I'm talking about receiving packets, unfiltered and unmangled, on a 
static IP address, at home.  As a software developer, I spend my day 
solving puzzles.  Time spent solving networking bugs is time lost 
solving meaningful puzzles.  Any filtering or mangling of packets costs 
me hours of debugging on a regular basis.

Most ISPs filter or mangle packets in ways they think will cause no 
harm.  They are sorely mistaken.  There is always *something* that 
breaks due to packet interference, but ISPs hear about only a fraction 
of the issues that occur.

XMission does not filter or mangle in any way I've been able to detect. 
  I'm feeling spoiled by XMission right now, regardless of the limited 
bandwidth of DSL.  I'm willing to pay more money to get more bandwidth 
at home, but if that means packets get filtered and mangled, I'll stick 
with what I already have, thank you.


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