ISP options

Michael Torrie torriem at
Tue Oct 27 15:23:14 MDT 2009

Steven Alligood wrote:
> What on earth would make you believe that you are in any conceivable way 
> a peer to an Internet Service Provider?

Not sure if you're deliberately trying to be funny here.  Who said
anything about "peering" as in ISPs.

So peer-to-peer networking and file sharing is inconceivable?

The internet was designed with the idea that each node on the internet
was both a client and a server.  Nodes, therefore, were intended to be
peers to each other.  Meaning that any one node can reach another node.
 Over the years ISPs have been eroding this original design, inserting
layers of NAT between nodes, preventing them from acting in a
peer-to-peer function.  This breaks much of the original internet
design.  For example, FTP cannot work without help (obsoleted by sftp
though).  VoIP is similar disadvantaged, requiring STUN and other NAT
traversal hacks.    Recently I went to try out echolink (a HAM radio
gateway system) only to find out that NAT'ed networks don't allow echo
link to work, since it's a peer-to-peer system (make sense as it's an
extension of ham radio).

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