ISP options

Shane Hathaway shane at
Tue Oct 27 13:51:17 MDT 2009

Alex Esplin wrote:
> Yeah. It's a crying shame XMission can't get in on better service than
> DSL in Provo. I'd switch to fiber in a heartbeat if I could get fiber
> from XMission.

FWIW, fiber to American Fork via XMission would easily save me a lot of 
money right now.  Therefore I'd be willing to pay fairly.

Fiber to American Fork via someone less clueful than XMission, OTOH, 
would cause me to *lose* money.  Companies like Comcast treat me like an 
enemy for running servers, while XMission simply applies a generous 
bandwidth cap.

How is Rapidwave these days, anyone know?  Do they understand that 
Internet nodes should be peers, not mere consumers?


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