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Gabriel Gunderson gabe at
Wed Oct 21 15:38:37 MDT 2009

On Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 3:06 PM, Richard Esplin
<richard-lists at> wrote:
> Last summer I had a run-in with their corporate attorney over my Tor exit-node. They served me with a DMCA notice and let me know that they have a policy of disconnecting repeated infringers. I sent them the letter the EFF has about Tor, and told them I expected a more reasoned response then "guilty no matter what". I got a nice letter back saying that if I were to receive repeated notices, then they would research what the right course of action is. They said they wouldn't cut me off without talking to me first. That said, I haven't run a Tor exit node since, as much because I need my bandwidth for work as because I don't want to fight that battle right now.

That's crazy talk.  Just tell them that you need to run a Tor exit
node for intercepting usernames and passwords for sensitive websites.
I'm sure they'll understand.  If they don't, I have a nice form letter
explaining it.  If you like, I can email it to them (from *you*).  Or,
I can upload it directly to your server.  Just let me know ;)


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