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Richard Esplin richard-lists at
Wed Oct 21 15:06:36 MDT 2009

I have been a happy Digis customer for the last year and a half.

It isn't so much that they do throttling, as that they have bandwidth caps. They are protocol neutral--no messing with my Kubuntu bit-torrent seeding. When you exceed the bandwidth allotment for the day, they throttle your speed until midnight. When you exceed for the month, then your speed drops for the rest of the month. Both up and down counts toward the bandwidth meter. You can always call and pay for more bandwidth.

I personally don't mind the system because they are clear on what the limits are. They have three different consumer bandwidth tiers to choose from, and more on the business side. I don't remember the details, but I was content with the lowest one until I got a work assignment that requires a lot of downloading (I work from home). I bumped up to the middle tier, and there is no fee if I decide to drop back down in three weeks when I get this project offloaded to an external server.

I've been impressed with their support lines. On the rare occasions when I have had to call I don't remember being on hold more than a minute or two during normal business hours. I once had to wait a bit with a problem on a weekend. Their team has been willing to treat me like I know what I'm doing, and they been very informed.

Their uptime is good for a residential ISP. I have had few unscheduled outages, and I  don't remember an outage lasting an hour (unlike the bad old days with Comcast). There has only been one scheduled outage in 18 months, and it resulted in faster speeds on my antenna.

My only real gripe is that when I signed up they had a big rebate if you filled out some silly paper after four months. It seems underhanded that they don't just automatically apply it to your account. When I didn't fill in the form until after the rebate had expired, I called them up and told them how lame I thought it was. They applied the rebate to my account for me, and didn't make me send the form in.

Last summer I had a run-in with their corporate attorney over my Tor exit-node. They served me with a DMCA notice and let me know that they have a policy of disconnecting repeated infringers. I sent them the letter the EFF has about Tor, and told them I expected a more reasoned response then "guilty no matter what". I got a nice letter back saying that if I were to receive repeated notices, then they would research what the right course of action is. They said they wouldn't cut me off without talking to me first. That said, I haven't run a Tor exit node since, as much because I need my bandwidth for work as because I don't want to fight that battle right now.

Summary: good to work with. I don't always agree with them, but they have always been willing to have a reasonable discussion.


On Wed 21 October 2009 11:59:29 Dennis Muhlestein <djmuhlestein at> wrote:
> Every now and then, I like to review my ISP setup.  Make sure I have 
> what is best for me.  I saw this plan today:
> I hear they throttle, which some people hate, but is this OK internet or 
> is there issues that the average geek internet user is going to abhor 
> and wish to cancel after one month?  Is the throttling so bad if you 
> aren't a heavy downloader?
> -Dennis

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